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San Diego Comic CON 2004 {Sarah Michelle Gellar.} - Sex Sushay
San Diego Comic CON 2004 {Sarah Michelle Gellar.}
So I sat really far away from Sarah and the other guy from Roswell but
these pictures I took came out ok. :)

SMG was funny. And talked mostly.
The other guy was ok. He needed to have more of a personality.
Couldn't keep up with her, you could tell.

They showed the trailer of "The Grudge" and talked about the movie
and the experiences they had in Japan. People were asking questions about
how well she spoke the language and she pretty much said it was easier to
keep up with it when she was in Japan since there's people to talk to.
A lot harder to learn it back in the states. But she was there for 6 months.

Another fan kept calling her Buffy and she didn't seem to care too much for that. Replied back with a funny tone, "Sarah..........It's Sarah...", People laughed and he went on with his question. Something about the Buffy show. Which I dont remember. But over all it was really cool watching and listening to her talk about the movie and the experience she had.

Also while I was there I called my friend April on my cell, that is such a big fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, To let her listen to her talk and she got a giggle from it and was happy to at least hear what she had to say. Surprised she could hear what she was saying, but I kept laughing so I might of ruined some of it for her.. heh

I think I took about 50 pictures on my digital camera but here's one to start with.

Current Music: VOTE JOHN KERRY!!!!!!!!!

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