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RIP Christopher Reeve - Sex Sushay

RIP Christopher Reeve
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spacecowboyj From: spacecowboyj Date: October 17th, 2004 04:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

learning to fly....

everytime i see something about Christopher Reeves' death, im reminded of how much of an impact he had on me as a kid.

i grew up a superman fan.
at 8 y.o, i knew all about him. Home planet, origin, bad guys, you name it.
After i pleaded with her, my mom bought me a red blanket for my bed, knowing that all i wanted it for was to tie around my neck and run through the house, down the stairs, and around and round in the back yard and driveway making "WHOOSH" sounds.
i used to dream of being able to fly andhaving super powers

on opening day of the first movie, my parents tookthe day off and took me out of school to see it and have an all-Superman day! Movie, shopping for toys..etc..
i remeber this as one of my few happy childhood memories
my mom would buy me any magazine that had a picture or an article with superman. She would give them to me when i came home from school on friday. and after showing her a good weekly report card (catholic school),
she would have me sit in the kitchen while she cooked and i would read the story out loud to her. i read her comics too. my mom was nicer when i wasa kid before she went crazy.

now that i remember what i had lost,im trying not to forget. but it makes me feel sad inside.
i guess this is the long way of saying that i'll miss him and what he represented to me growin g up.

he was my hero in my childhood and somewhere along the way i grew up a little.
now i know there are no more real heros for me
ther is where the sadness lies
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